By Rex E. Wallace

This version is a consultant number of a number of the different types of inscriptions, from political manifestos to gladiatorial bulletins, present in the traditional Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. those inscriptions, painted and incised at the partitions of private and non-private structures, rfile elements of way of life within the first century A.D. Inscriptions, fairly graffiti, have been usually written via much less informed contributors of society, and as such offer a unprecedented glimpse of universal Latin.

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Proper names are capitalized, as are the names of months and the names of the parts of Roman months. In order to distinguish numbers from letters, numbers are printed in capitals. , nihildurare. , nihil durare. I have not attempted to reproduce the exact disposition and layout of dipinti or graffiti, but I have tried to follow, inasmuch as it was possible, the division of the texts into lines. In cases where one line of an inscription was too long to fit the space available in this book, I have placed the run-over on the following line with indentation, thus indicating that the indented line is to be read as part of the line directly above it.

For the most part, standard epigraphical conventions are employed in the presentation of texts. Curly brackets { x } indicate extra characters introduced by scribal error. Angled brackets < x > indicate characters omitted by scribal error, but added to the text by the editor. Letters incorrectly incised or painted, which are corrected by the editor, are also placed within angled brackets. Word dividers are indicated by a period · set at mid-line level. , – for a dash. Characters that have been ‘erased,’ by whatever means, but can still be read, are indicated by double square brackets [[ x ]].

Pres. act. Examples of loss of word-final t are: ama, ‘loves,’ 3rd sg. pres. ; cf. amat; valia, ‘fare well,’ 3rd sg. pres. subj. ; cf. valeat; peria, ‘perish’, 3rd sg. pres. subj. ; cf. pereat; nösci (= nön sci), ‘not know’, 3rd sg. pres. ; cf. nescit. 2 Declension First Declension Genitive Singular There are several examples of the first declension genitive singular ending -aes. The final -s of this ending may be due to the influence of Greek first declension feminines ending in -hß or -aß, but this is not certain.

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