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God', however, must be introduced into the discourse by intralinguistic means. This is done by associating the name with certain expressions in the language. Since these expressions will have certain conditions associated with them, derivatively the name also will have certain conditions associated with it. One might already challenge Ziff on two counts. First, many 24 THE PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION plain people and some theologians speak of an apprehension of God, of a direct awareness of God, of a beatific vision and the like.

Glickman indeed exaggerates his point when he says Hoffman's 'whole argument rests on this assumption', but certainlythe central segments of it do. And Glickman is perfectly justified in saying that Hoffman does nothing at all to justifY that assumption. Though to say this is, of course, not to say that some such an assumption is notjustifiahle. But certainly in view of the chequered history of the verifiability criterion of meaning, it needs a very considerable and careful justification. In this chapter I shall not try to give a full-scale justification for making this assumption, where it is conside~, as it should be, as a criterion offactual significance, though I shall show (I) how considerations involving it can hardly be avoided in carefully reflecting on God-talk, and (2) I shall give some considerations which should make it evident that its employment in such contexts need not be the imposition of an empiricist dogma.

However, we cannot let this pass so easily for Hoffman's criticisms of Ziff on this point forcefully bring out very clearly the controversial status ofZiffs claim. ) To answer our question concerning the intelligibility of 'God', we must first determine what are the conditions associated with 'God'. Here Ziff tells us we must consider the plain man's concept of God and not confuse it with 'the excubant theologian's febrile concept'. ) But at different times and 26 THE PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION different places there are different plain men with different conceptions of God, and different men, even when members of particular denominations, may have different conceptions of God at different periods in their lives.

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