By Bernd Sturmfels

J. Kung and G.-C. Rota, of their 1984 paper, write: ''Like the Arabian phoenix emerging out of its ashes, the speculation of invariants, suggested useless on the flip of the century, is once more on the vanguard of mathematics.'' The booklet of Sturmfels is either an easy-to-read textbook for invariant idea and a difficult study monograph that introduces a brand new method of the algorithmic facet of invariant idea. The Groebner bases approach is the most software wherein the significant difficulties in invariant idea develop into amenable to algorithmic suggestions. scholars will locate the booklet a simple creation to this ''classical and new'' zone of arithmetic. Researchers in arithmetic, symbolic computation, and different computing device technological know-how gets entry to the wealth of study principles, tricks for purposes, outlines and info of algorithms, labored out examples, and examine difficulties.

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4. C n /. 1 Proof. 1 ´/ n corresponding to the identity matrix in €. 1 nC1 ´/ ´/ nC1 det / 1 1 det D P 1 1 det 1 1 : ; in €. det / is a reflection if and 1 D P 1 D r; completing the proof. 5. C n / be a finite matrix group whose invariant € ring CŒx is generated by n algebraically independent homogeneous invariants Â1 ; : : : ; Ân where di WD deg Âi . Let r be the number of reflections in €. Then j€j D d1 d2 : : : dn and r D d1 C d2 C : : : C dn n: Proof. 4 completes the proof. 1 (only-if part).

11. The weight enumerator of every self-dual binary code is a polynomial function in Â1 and Â2 . 7. We have the representation WC2 D Â14 4 Â2 in terms of fundamental invariants. One of the main applications of Sloane’s approach consisted in proving the nonexistence of certain very good codes. , minimum distance) of the code are expressed in a tentative weight enumerator W , and invariant theory can then be used to show that no such invariant W exists. Exercises (1) Compute the Hilbert series of the ring CŒ 1 ; 2 ; : : : ; n  of symmetric polynomials.

2 that the Reynolds operator “ ” is a CŒx€ module homomorphism and that the restriction of “ ” to CŒx€ is the identity. In the course of our computation we will repeatedly call the function “ ”, irrespective of how this function is implemented. One obvious possibility is to store a complete list of all group elements in €, but this may be infeasible in some instances. The number of calls of the Reynolds operator is a suitable measure for the running time of our algorithm. 4). 5. Algorithms for computing fundamental invariants 53 directly to infinite reductive algebraic groups, provided the Reynolds operator “ ” and the ideal of the nullcone are given effectively.

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