By Willy Peeters

Tender cover
sixty four pages
2 gatefolds
20 technical drawings
four units of scale drawings

This ebook is the genesis of a truly well known sequence devoted to army airplane. Focusing in general on information for modelers, this ebook features a wealth of data in regards to the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. appealing colour images meticulously record the main points of this plane, with hugely descriptive captions to move in addition to them. normal info of the one seat f-104, in addition to the 2 seated TF-104, comprise airframe, engine, cockpits, ejection seats, touchdown equipment, radar, ordnance, pilots, servicing apparatus, flight arrangements, and paint schemes and markings below overseas flags. A modelers advisor and delightful scale drawings around it out into an total treasure chest of data for the dimensions modeler, in addition to the aviation fanatic.

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Tribal Class Destroyers

Tribal classification Destroyers

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