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Speeded up VB 2005 presents the quickest route to VB services for somebody already accustomed to object-oriented programming. whereas books introduce VB, only a few additionally clarify optimizing its use with the .NET universal language runtime (CLR). yet this publication either teaches center VB language recommendations and covers intensive the suggestions and strategies for professionally exploiting the ability of VB and the CLR.You'll quick grasp VB syntax whereas studying how the CLR simplifies many programming initiatives. you will additionally study most sensible practices that confirm your code should be effective, reusable, and powerful. Why spend many months or years researching the simplest how you can layout and code VB, whilst this e-book will make it easier to do issues the precise manner, correct from the beginning? * you will fast achieve thorough realizing of VB 2005. * This publication covers the all new good points of VB 2005. * Authors man Fouché and Trey Nash describe and clarify VB most sensible practices. * The ebook offers canonical varieties for VB sessions and interfaces. * Examples show bullet-proof, exception-safe code and effective multithreaded functions.

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This ebook is marketed as a "Beginner's advisor" to visible uncomplicated 2005 and any newbie could gain advantage from this e-book. nonetheless i'd suggest this ebook as a Reference guide for these already accustomed to VB show and never as a starting guide.

The writer covers approximately each element of the visible Basic(VB)IDE (Integrated improvement atmosphere) through examples contained in the publication; besides the fact that, one starts off to ask yourself the place or what's the final outcome.

Perhaps a few sensible software examples may well increase the educational technique of a person absolutely strange with this IDE however the author's technique of explaining some of the elements of this programming environmnet used to be un-appealing.

On the opposite hand, a person relatively devoted to turning into a VB Programmer will locate this reference fabric very helpful.

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WebServices. To get to these namespaces, simply enter My in the VB IDE and look at the IntelliSense options. The naming of the My namespaces gives you a pretty good idea of what kinds of classes are contained in each one of them. qxd 2/15/07 9:17 PM Page 9 CHAPTER 1 ■ VB 2005 OVERVIEW Summary In this chapter, we’ve touched upon the high-level characteristics of programs written in VB. That is, all code is compiled into IL rather than the native instructions for a specific platform. Additionally, the CLR implements a GC to manage raw memory allocation and deallocation, freeing you from having to worry about one of the most common errors in software development: improper memory management.

ToString) Not only is the TheAnswer instance created on the stack, but if it’s passed to a method, the method receives a copy of the value. You can define user-defined value types in VB by using the Structure keyword, as shown in the following snippet. User-defined value types behave in the same way that the built-in value types do: Public Structure Coordinate 'This is a value type Dim x As Integer Dim y As Integer End Structure Values can live on the managed heap, but not by themselves. One way this can happen is if a reference type contains a value type.

Each constant that’s defined in the enumeration must be defined with a value within the range of the underlying type. If a value is not specified for an enumeration constant, it takes the default value of 0 (if it’s the first constant in the enumeration) or the value of the previous constant plus 1. This example is an enumeration based upon a Long: Enum Color As Long Red Green = 50 Blue End Enum In this example, if you had left off the Long keyword after the Color type identifier, the enumeration would have been of type Integer.

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