By Denise Inge

Author, educational, and adventurer, Denise Inge grew up in a wide and rambunctious kinfolk at the east coast of the US. She crossed the Sahara, charmed snakes in Marrakech and cycled the Adirondack mountains yet her most up-to-date experience is an inside one. It starts off with the invention that her home is outfitted on a crypt packed with human skeletons. dealing with her worry of those strangers' bones takes her to different charnel homes in Europe and on a trip into the which means of bones themselves. This exploration, although it all started ahead of her prognosis with an inoperable sarcoma, takes on a brand new importance whilst the query of dwelling good within the face of mortality suddenly ceases to be hypothetical.

A travel of Bones is a passionate testomony to the conviction that residing is greater than no longer loss of life and that considering mortality isn't really approximately being ready to die yet approximately being ready to live.

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Few of them are still receiving new bones, as ours occasionally is. The imprint of that medieval priest’s house became the blueprint for this one, its previous presence the justification for construction. The whole reason our house exists, in this particular place, in this shape, is because there once lived a priest given the task of praying for the souls of those whose bones rested here beneath his own each night. He and the bones were brothers. Brothers in the monastic sense, because the charnel house and its priest were part of a Benedictine Abbey that included Worcester Cathedral, which is just next door, and the bones would have belonged to his fellow monks; but brothers too in a philosophical sense, because he lived with a constant sense of connection to those who had gone wherever souls go and left their bones behind.

With death it is not a question of ‘if’, only ‘when’. And none of us knows the answer to that. We are all living with more unknowns than we like to admit. Independence, choice, autonomy, those qualities we value so highly that we pretend life is not worth living without, are largely illusory. Oh we have choices, certainly, but they are all made, and many of them can be unmade, according to and surrounding events over which we have no control. And what are we then, when we are no longer ‘in charge’?

There is a tumour wrapped around my portal vein, my hypatic artery and my bile duct. It is inoperable; the surgery would kill me. It has been shrinking now for several months, and chemo has stopped. I can eat again, and carry things and swim and even laugh. I stand in the sunlight whenever the sun appears and let it bless me. Hundreds of people are praying for me. I pray too and I hope. But nothing is certain. I try complementary treatments and a strict diet that I believe are helping my body to heal.

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