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Baetica Felix: People and Prosperity in Southern Spain from Caesar to Septimius Severus

Baetica, the present-day quarter of Andalusia in southern Spain, was once the wealthiest province of the Roman Empire. Its society was once dynamic and marked by way of upward social and fiscal mobility, because the imperial peace allowed the emergence of a considerable center social and fiscal stratum. certainly, so collectively worthy was once the imposition of Roman rule at the neighborhood inhabitants of Baetica that it calls for a brand new knowing of the connection among Imperial Rome and its provinces.

The Roman Agricultural Economy: Organization, Investment, and Production

This quantity is a suite of experiences which provides new analyses of the character and scale of Roman agriculture within the Mediterranean global from c. a hundred BC to advert 350. It offers a transparent figuring out of the elemental positive factors of Roman agricultural construction via learning the documentary and archaeological proof for the modes of land exploitation and the association, improvement of, and funding during this zone of the Roman economic climate.

Making Textiles in pre-Roman and Roman Times: People, Places, Identities

Cloth creation is an fiscal necessity that has faced all societies long ago. whereas such a lot textiles have been synthetic at a loved ones point, valued textiles have been traded over lengthy distances and those alternate networks have been stimulated through uncooked fabric offer, labour talents, charges, in addition to through local traditions.

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Is that of Frattesina located in the eastern part of the Po Valley. 5 acres, and its remains show that it was an industrial community that refined metal, fashioned deer antler into tools, and produced colored glass beads, making it the earliest known site in Italy to manufacture glass. Ivory, amber, and fragments of ostrich eggs have been uncovered there as well, testifying to external commercial contacts. Frattesina can therefore be viewed as a prehistoric forerunner of Spina and Hatria, two important commercial sites located near the mouth of the Po, to be discussed in the next chapter.

GREEK COLONIZATION IN THE WEST In the modern study of Greek history, the three centuries c. , the period of the early kings), are generally termed the archaic period. It was during this age that the rather simple society of the Greek dark age reflected in the Homeric poems evolved into the politically, economically, and culturally advanced society of classical Greece. This extraordinary transformation was intimately bound up with the rise of the city-state as the basic political unit in the Greek world.

Besides funerary customs, the pottery and metalwork in the Po Valley of the late bronze age also exhibit new features similar to the those in the cultures of central Europe. Sites along the Apennine edge of the Po Valley, which were first investigated by L. Pigorini at the end of the nineteenth century, have been collectively termed the Terramara Culture, taking its name from a local Italian word meaning “black earth,” which refers to the fertile mounds of dark soil produced by prolonged human habitation.

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