By Henry E. Dudeney, Martin Gardner

For 2 many years, self-taught mathematician Henry E. Dudeney wrote a puzzle web page, "Perplexities," for The Strand Magazine. Martin Gardner, longtime editor of Scientific American's mathematical video games column, hailed Dudeney as "England's maximum maker of puzzles," unsurpassed within the volume and caliber of his innovations. This compilation of Dudeney's long-inaccessible demanding situations attests to the puzzle-maker's reward for developing witty and compelling conundrums.
This treasury of interesting puzzles starts off with a variety of arithmetical and algebraical difficulties, together with demanding situations related to cash, time, pace, and distance. Geometrical difficulties stick to, besides combinatorial and topological difficulties that characteristic magic squares and stars, course and community puzzles, and map coloring puzzles. the gathering concludes with a chain of online game, domino, fit, and unclassified puzzles. recommendations for all 536 difficulties are integrated, and captivating drawings brighten up the publication.

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A driver whose car had no brakes was approaching a level crossing at 60 miles per hour while a train was approaching the same crossing also at 60 miles per hour. The crossing was unmanned and had no barriers. The train was 100 yards long and it was 50 yards from the crossing. The car was 100 yards from the crossing. Neither train nor car stopped or changed direction or speed. The driver did not get out of his car. How did he survive the crossing?

However, it is possible to have a grandfather who is younger than your father. Alternatively, you could have a grandmother younger than your mother. However, it is not possible to have a grandfather and grandmother younger than your father and mother. Confused? Keep thinking! 6 The Amazing Fall Q: Did he wear any special clothing or glider wings? A: No. Q: Was he a normal man? A: Yes. Q: Did he come in contact with anything on the way down which slowed his fall? A: No. He fell from the plane to the ground and accelerated all the way.

A man was searching a trunk in the attic when he found something that caused him to drop dead of fright. What did he find? 8 · . . The . . . Deadly . . . . . Party .. .. .. .. . .. . .. A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die? 9 Speechless .............................................................. Two men who were good friends had not seen each other for several years.

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